Patient Stories

  • Krishna Raja Manat
    Krishna Raja Manat
    Apr 30 2017

    I was wondering what if I go complete bald, my hair fall was quite aggressive & I was very much worried about it. I tried almost all the medicines available in the market, alopathy, homeopathy & ayurvedic. None of them gave significant changes. I went to India once to visit a Doctor there & learnt about hair transplant service. Traveling To & Fro was not that easy for me because of limitation of time. Later somehow I came in contact with a team of Doctors willing to start this service in Nepal. I had my hair transplantation 8.5 months back & now my result has become an example across the country.

    Thank you team for this wonderful gift, h:)ppy to be young again.

    CEO, Arogin Group of Companies
    Former Finance Head, Fishtail Tourism House
    ACCA, Nepal


  • Damodar Rimal
    Damodar Rimal
    Jan 13 2017

    What can i say? Arogin is one and only clinic which is able to provide quality hair transplantation service in Nepal. To be honest, i am 100% satisfied with the service that i have received from Arogin. I rate 10/10 for the Arogin's service. No one believes that its transplated hair other than the one who have seen me bald before because it looks completely natural. 

    Thank you Arogin & the whole team for such miracles.

    Senior Program Officer

    TPO Nepal (One of the most renowned NGO in Nepal)

  • Arogin Staff
    Arogin Staff
    Dec 27 2016

    Arogin Healthcare & Research Centre provides the best care to every patient every day

  • Dr. Pawan Sharma (MD, AIIMS)
    Dr. Pawan Sharma (MD, AIIMS)
    Aug 16 2016

    I had my Hair Transplantation procedure by a team of doctors from Arogin Healthcare. The Hair Restoration procedure itself is fascinating & interesting. I found it very easy & now my results are awesome, it's impossible to distinguish my original hair & transplanted hair. They are growing normally like others. Thanks to team Arogin. Happy to find Hair Transplant Service in Nepal.

    Dept. of Psychiatry 

    Patan Acadamy of Health Sciences, Lagankhel, Lalitpur

  • Badri Pudasaini
    Badri Pudasaini
    Jul 15 2016

    keep up the good job!! As an inspirer, patient n well wisher I found home away from home. tks to all the team and lead Dr  n their tireless members on ot. FULLY SATISFIED 100/100

    Managing Director

    Nature Safari Tours, Koshi Camp, Suklaphata Wildlife Camp Pvt.Ltd

  • Nutan Marasini
    Nutan Marasini
    Jul 12 2016

    Before my Hair Transplantation, I used to hide my receeding hair with my smart hairstyle. Even though the bald area was not much visible, I was worried & seeking some permanent solution to regain my youth. When a distant brother of mine asked me for Hair Transplantation, I was a bit skeptical about doing it in Nepal. But when I went through the consultation from Hair Transplant Experts in Arogin Hair Clinic, I was 100% convinced & now I am glad I made a right choice by not flying to some expensive destination.

    My results are beyond my expectations. 

    Senior Software Engineer at Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Former Senior Software Engineer at AceTravels