• Present & Future of quality medical services

    We have all sorts of special treatment for your special hair type and skin. Grab your seats before accelerating this amazing journey with Arogin.
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  • Present & Future of quality medical services

    We have all sorts of special treatment for your special hair type and skin. Grab your seats before accelerating this amazing journey with Arogin.
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Arogin Health Care and Research Center aims to foster lives of million through quality health care and services. We not just sell promises but strive to deliver it. Cost-effective and accessible services, use of



At Arogin Health Care and Research Centre, we dream to see beyond the ordinary to explore the best of what we can. We envision patient-focused health care services where we aim to respond to needs of



We aim to introduce the best quality hair transplantation service here in Nepal. We provide preeminent hair transplantation services with the team lead by adept professional. We don’t impose our services rather we


Arogin Healthcare & Research Centre

Arogin Healthcare & Research Centre (P) Ltd is a team of highly qualified medical professionals supported by experienced entrepreneurs. No hesitation, we call ourselves as Present & Future of quality medical services.

Our Medical Services & Departments

  • Dementia Clinic
  • Psychiatry
  • Regular Free Health Camp
  • Dermatology (Skin, Hair & STDs)
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Travel and Tropical Medicine

Dementia Clinic


“A mental illness is not caused by personal weakness and is not “cured” by personal strength. Seeking and accepting help is a sign of strength.”

Psychiatry is one of the neglected fields in our country where even today we are fighting to establish psychiatric illnesses as medical disorders in true sense. A mental illness is not a character flaw. It is caused by genetic, biological, social and environmental factors. According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) one in four people around the world suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives. With appropriate treatment and support, people with mental illness can have normal life and live successfully in their community. It is high time we took these illnesses seriously.

Regular Free Health Camp


5th Health Campaign"We Always Care For You"(Registration closed)

Date: 9th September, 2017 (Saturday, 24th Bhadra,2074)

Time : 9:00am to 6:00pm

Contact:  01 4376315/4379418/9801143436/26

Venue: Arogin Care Home , Budhanilakantha, Kathmandu.

4th Camp: Arogin Hair Transplantation Consultation Camp 2017


Date: 7th September-9th September 2017

Time: 9am-7pm

For appointment: 9801143423 (Free Consultation)

(Registration Closed)


Venue: Pokhara Grande Hotel, Birauta
Date: 1st - 3rd Sept. 2017
Time: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

For appointment: 9801143423 / 25 (Free Consultation)

Status: Closed


3rd Free Health Camp "We Always Care for You"

Date: 22nd Magh 2073 (9:00am to 6:00pm)

Venue: Arogin Health Care & Research Centre (P) Ltd.

Contact No: 01-4423423(Phone call Registration)

For online registraion :

Satus Closed

Dermatology (Skin, Hair & STDs)

Geriatric Medicine

Demographic transition has become the norm of the current world. The booming geriatric population has posed serious challenges to the socio-economic aspects of every nation round the globe. How could Nepal be an exception to this global trend? Nepal is a country where very few people are aware about Geriatric medicine. In our context, even the established giants of general medicine are ignorant about the essence of this discipline.

Geriatrics or geriatric medicine is a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly people. It aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults Geriatric medicine is in its inception in our country and we have the responsibility to nurture its infancy.


“The child who has health has hope and the one who has hope has everything. Let’s nourish hope from your home.”

Child care and adolescent health are beautiful sweet challenges for any families. Every child/adolescent has the right to health, to education, to protection and to tenderness to life. Nation builds on parents hand via vulnerable soft marks of their kids’ footsteps. The most overwhelming key to a child`s successful future is the full positive involvement of the parents in holistic way. Quality health care, optimum education provision and child friendly environment make it possible for welfare recipient kids to secure better future. Sadly, Children of developing countries are far deprived from quality health care and good guidance. Basic needs like growth, development, nutrition immunization and many more aspects are yet to be fulfilled. We have a vision where all children and adolescents are healthy and live in dignity with choices and opportunities. When it comes for a child health there is no ‘them’, it’s only ‘us’. We have a promise for promising child care and guidance. Let`s proceed ahead for your child`s best health. Let`s build profound hope on your kids roadmap.

Travel and Tropical Medicine

“At its best, travel should challenge our preconceptions and most cherished views, cause us to rethink our assumptions, shake us a bit, make us broader minded and more understanding”

The era of Globalization, facilitates the spread of disease and increases the number of travelers who will be exposed to a different health environment. Travel medicine intends to focus on Global epidemiology of health risk to the travelers, vaccinology, infectious and tropical diseases, high altitude physiology and environmental health. Travel medicine is now well recognized discipline which deals with prevention (vaccination and travel advice), assistance (reparation and medical treatment of travelers), wilderness medicine (high altitude medicine, expedition medicine) and access to health care provided by travel insurance. Accessibility to reliable and affordable travel medicine service is quite a challenge!!

Patient stories

  • I was wondering what if I go complete bald, my hair fall was quite aggressive & I was very much worried about it. I tried almost all the medicines available in the market, alopathy, homeopathy & ayurvedic. None of them gave significant changes. I went to India once to visit a Doctor there & learnt about hair transplant service. Traveling To & Fro was not that easy for me because of limitation of time. Later somehow I came in contact with a team of Doctors willing to start this service in Nepal. I had my hair transplantation 8.5 months back & now my result has become an example across the country.

    Thank you team for this wonderful gift, h:)ppy to be young again.

    CEO, Arogin Group of Companies
    Former Finance Head, Fishtail Tourism House
    ACCA, Nepal


  • What can i say? Arogin is one and only clinic which is able to provide quality hair transplantation service in Nepal. To be honest, i am 100% satisfied with the service that i have received from Arogin. I rate 10/10 for the Arogin's service. No one believes that its transplated hair other than the one who have seen me bald before because it looks completely natural. 

    Thank you Arogin & the whole team for such miracles.

    Senior Program Officer

    TPO Nepal (One of the most renowned NGO in Nepal)

  • Arogin Healthcare & Research Centre provides the best care to every patient every day

  • I had my Hair Transplantation procedure by a team of doctors from Arogin Healthcare. The Hair Restoration procedure itself is fascinating & interesting. I found it very easy & now my results are awesome, it's impossible to distinguish my original hair & transplanted hair. They are growing normally like others. Thanks to team Arogin. Happy to find Hair Transplant Service in Nepal.

    Dept. of Psychiatry 

    Patan Acadamy of Health Sciences, Lagankhel, Lalitpur

  • keep up the good job!! As an inspirer, patient n well wisher I found home away from home. tks to all the team and lead Dr  n their tireless members on ot. FULLY SATISFIED 100/100

    Managing Director

    Nature Safari Tours, Koshi Camp, Suklaphata Wildlife Camp Pvt.Ltd

  • Before my Hair Transplantation, I used to hide my receeding hair with my smart hairstyle. Even though the bald area was not much visible, I was worried & seeking some permanent solution to regain my youth. When a distant brother of mine asked me for Hair Transplantation, I was a bit skeptical about doing it in Nepal. But when I went through the consultation from Hair Transplant Experts in Arogin Hair Clinic, I was 100% convinced & now I am glad I made a right choice by not flying to some expensive destination.

    My results are beyond my expectations. 

    Senior Software Engineer at Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Former Senior Software Engineer at AceTravels

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