Arogin Hair and Skin is seeking a smart and dynamic person to work as a "Sales and Marketing Manager" for Kathmandu's branch.

You'll be in charge of researching and developing new marketing possibilities as well as putting new sales strategies into action. You'll need to work closely with the owner to ensure that all elements of your job match Arogin Clinic's basic medical and ethical beliefs.


  1. Accomplish marketing and sales human resource goals through normal managerial duties, such as recruiting, training, scheduling, coaching and disciplining employees
  2. To meet marketing and sales operational goals, identify trends and make system changes.
  3. Develop field sales action plans and promotion in order to meet marketing and sales objectives.
  4. Discover various customer needs in order to correctly identify marketing possibilities.
  5. Anticipate new possibilities to preserve key client relationships.
  6. To give reliable information through reports, gather, investigate, and summarize facts and trends.


  1. Bachelor's degree in business and marketing or a related subject is required.
  2. 2-3 years of sales representative experience, preferably in the fields of aesthetic medicine and dentistry
  3. 1 year of managerial experience is required.
  4. Exceptional intrapersonal abilities
  5. Working knowledge of data analysis and reporting
  6. Outstanding grasp of sales and marketing
  7. Demonstrated capacity to study and comprehend corporate rules and processes, as well as adhere to Arogin Clinic's strong medical and ethical standards
  8. Excellent communication abilities in English, both verbally and in writing
  9. Ability to operate under pressure
If you think you are fit for the role, please do send your resume at: