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Dr. Pawan Sharma

Dr. Pawan Sharma Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist MD (AIIMS)

Dr. Pawan Sharma

Arogin Healthcare & Research Centre (P) Ltd is a team of highly qualified medical professionals supported by experienced entrepreneurs. No hesitation, we call ourselves as Present & Future of quality medical services.

Our consultants follow the standard evidence based guidelines as almost all of them are graduates from reputed medical institutes. Our Medical director, Dr. Pawan Sharma says "There are different management guidelines to deal with a particular disease, we follow one of the best. During our academic journey at AIIMS (New Delhi), we always aimed to become a team of doctors in Nepal who follow best treatment guidelines and provide quality health care & now here we are."

Yes, we are here to serve you the best & fulfill a dream of healthy nation. Our tropical medicine expert Dr. Sanjay Acharya says “there are numerous measures of prevention but due to negligence and lack of awareness, we still suffer from diseases which would have not occurred with few simple measures." We, the team Arogin, with our key mantra “Patient care comes first”, dream not just being a top ranked health care hub but also fulfill the dream of healthy nation where people can trust their own domestic service providers.

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